125 S Main Street
Independence, MO 64050


Ceremony: 4pm
Reception: 5pm


Semi-formal recommended


We will provide dinner, a glass of champagne, and a selection of soda, iced tea, juice, and water for each guest. A cash bar will be available.

Images courtesy of    The Delaware   .

Images courtesy of The Delaware.


June 2014

He's the new guy at work. She asks the new employees for their bios. He obliges in record time because he thinks she's cute. His bio reveals that he writes fiction and has published a book. She's intrigued.

july 2015

They make a blanket fort for the 4th of July. He tells her he loves her. She loves him, too. They talk about their desires to travel. They conceive a crazy idea to make the leap: they're going to save up for a year and move abroad.


October 2014

They've spent 3 months chatting and sharing music on the company's "radio."  They go to Worlds of Fun with a friend. He ends up asking her on their first date. He takes her out for Indian food and delightful conversation.


september 2016

They sell almost everything they own, pack up two backpacks and two suitcases, and head to Amsterdam. They spend the next 15 months living in 9 countries across Europe. They gather endless stories and memories.


April 2015

 She gets upset about something from that day. He comforts her until they're sitting in a parking lot laughing. He says titles don't matter but asks if she'd be his girlfriend. She says titles don't matter but she's ecstatic.

september 2017

While in Ålesund, Norway, he asks her if she'd like to hike to the city's lookout point. She almost says no — she's tired and it's been a long week. She goes anyway. He asks her if she'll marry him. She doesn't hesitate on that one.